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Colortech is a North American colortech Incbased manufacturer of color and additive concentrates for the plastics industry.Our products are used in a wide range of products, from everyday household consumer items such as food packaging,toys,diapers, and grocery bags to industrial materials used in telecommunications, such as conduit, wire and cable coatings, fiber-based non- woven products and twine.

Colotech IncColortech concentrates & compounds are used in agriculture applications, such as mulch film, greenhouse & nursery films and pipe as well as in environmental systems such as geomembrane sheet.While we carry a range of standard white, black, color & additive concentrates for typical applications, our expertise in custom color matching and specialized additive formulation for any plastics challenge awaits your inquiry.



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We are a full-scale manufacturer of color and additive concentrates for the plastics industry with special expertise in color matching.

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