Colortech Introduces Recycle Stabilizer

Many recyclers and processors use recycled resins, i.e., post-consumer recycled (PCR), post-industrial recycled (PIR), or repro. However, gels, black specs, or a deterioration of physical properties are not usually acceptable. Recycled resins have already gone through multiple heat histories in their first life before being formed again into new articles. This heat history can weaken or consume any previous stabilization leading to undesirable oxidation and degradation of the resin. This can result in a change in melt flow rate, weakened mechanical properties, and yellowing/browning. To improve a recycled resin’s heat stability, many recyclers and processors turn to the addition of polymer stabilization additives.

Colortech’s FA00384 or 10647-18 Recycle Stabilizer contains a stabilization package designed for use in reprocessing materials. It contains a proprietary blend of antioxidants optimized to offer maximum protection with minimal usage. The benefits of FA00384 can include:

  • Minimized gel/black spec formation in reprocessing
  • Preservation of mechanical properties
  • A melt flow rate (MFI) close to that of the original material(s)
  • Reduced discoloration such as yellowing or browning
  • Better protection of the recycled resins throughout the lifespan of the new article

The FA00384 Recycle Stabilizer is suitable for reprocessing applications and many end use applications such as film, sheet, profile extrusion and blow molded and injection molded parts and may be used in food contact applications subject to any appropriate restrictions.  For non food contact applications, FA00384 complies with CONEG guidelines and is considered heavy metal free.

Oxidation induction time (OIT) experiments at 200°C revealed that a typical unstabilized recycle polyethylene decomposes after only 1.5 minutes. However, with only 1% addition of Colortech’s FA00384 recycle stabilizer, the same recycled polyethylene can withstand up to 64 minutes of elevated temperature exposure before the onset of decomposition.

OIT Experiments Using Colortech Recycle Stabilizer

OIT Experiments Using Colortech Recycle Stabilizer

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Hoi Chun Ho, PhD

Technical Services Representative