Fighting Microbes with Antimicrobial Additives

Do you or your customers worry about malodors, stains or even degradation of plastic products? If so, some of Colortech’s antimicrobial additives may help!

Microbes such as certain bacteria and fungi can grow on plastic surfaces, especially in microscopic pits and cracks. When left unchecked under the right growing environments, their number can multiply rapidly, leading to problems with your plastic products. Examples can include rampant microbial growth on air handling systems, food preparation equipment and food packaging.

To combat this, Colortech offers EPA-registered antimicrobial additives. Our antimicrobials are highly effective against Gram-positive/Gram-negative bacteria and many types of mold, algae, and yeasts. They work by inhibiting the growth, replication, and enzymatic activities of microbes leading to a significant reduction in the number of microbes present.

Colortech can optimize formulas for a low let down ratio with long-lasting antimicrobial effects in different host resins for maximum clarity and heat stability. These additives can also conform to specific FDA requirements for food contact in blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, sheet, profile and pipe extrusion, wire and cable jacketing, injection or blow molding applications.

Are you designing new products and seeking long-lasting effectiveness against microbes? Colortech works to produce the ideal solution every time for you.  Contact a Colortech Sales Representative about how antimicrobial additives can help!


Hoi Chun Ho, Ph.D.

Technical Services Representative