Colortech offers a wide variety of paid engineering and business student programs. Based out of our facilities in Ontario and Tennessee, students gain real-life understanding they can utilize in the plastics industry or beyond.

A Colortech Internship/Co-Op position gives the opportunity to gain manufacturing experience outside the classroom; the kind achieved by DOING. Positions are created by assigning responsibilities important to daily operation. In addition, you will work on improvement projects linked to Colortech's goals. To start, you are assigned a mentor with  experience in your field. Your mentor trains and arranges training for you on assigned responsibilities, general department knowledge, interaction with other departments, and our products. As you work and grow, you are given greater responsibilities and projects are geared toward interests you develop while training. If you want your work to matter and to learn from experienced professionals, then apply at Colortech.

Areas of Study

Colortech provides students the opportunity to work with experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in the field. Our team guides our interns in a challenging, yet fun way that will allow them to explore their desired career path.

  • Engineering
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Chemistry/Polymer Science
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain

Hands-On Experience

Our Internship/Co-Op Programs let our students actively participate in the day to day functions at Colortech. We are constantly seeking new ways to transform our industry, and we cannot do so unless we educate future members of the workforce. Our engineering co-op program students work on the production floors and labs, which allows them to provide input and make decisions that directly impact our operations. Our business and I.T. internship programs give students the chance to develop and refine skills and practices they will carry over with them as they transition into a job.

“I recently finished my co-op at Colortech! I want to say thank you to the company for providing me with an environment to develop skills and gain hands-on knowledge about the industry. I am also very thankful to have continued to have this opportunity during a global pandemic and so much uncertainty.”

Kassie Opfar

Former Quality Assurance Co-Op Student

“Colortech was a wonderful opportunity to get my first exposure to a real-world application of what I was learning in the classroom. Every day was a new challenge and an opportunity to grow. I want to thank everyone on the Colortech team for pushing me and encouraging me throughout my internships. I want to also thank Colortech leadership for the opportunity to pursue a career here, especially after the challenges of graduating in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Joseph Swann

Sales Representative

Leadership Development

Throughout each program, students learn how to communicate effectively within the day to day tasks, and curriculum-based projects. Students will pick up valuable public speaking skills as they present their observations at the conclusion of the internship to Colortech and community leaders. Our goal is to give students an outlet to gain confidence and build a professional network to jumpstart their career.

“The increase of knowledge that I have after my internship at Colortech has given me a new perspective of the plastics industry. I am thankful for the new experience, I am thankful for being introduced to new technology and programs that will only add to my value as a future worker.”

Heidi Campbell

Former Administrative and Quality Assurance Intern

“The program has provided me with the experience of working in a professional environment, which has proven to be irreplaceable and very beneficial in communicating and completing tasks.”

Curtis Hawkins

Former Technical Services Intern

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