Navigating the 3 R’s: Reduce

Colortech provides a wide variety of chemistries to aid our customers with plastics sustainability goals to zero-waste packaging initiatives.

“I am having issues during my blow molding process. I see black spots, both large and small. It developed at start up and wouldn’t subside so I had to shut down the line for a major cleaning.”  

This issue results in loss of run time, lots of scrap, and loss in revenue. The black spots described are charred or oxidized resin and is an indication of polymer degradation. An antioxidant (AO) stabilization package helps prevent polymers from degrading into charred resin during long shutdown and startup procedures and can lead to a reduction in costs and scrap waste. Call us for more information on how to use the shutdown stabilizer.

“I am having issues purging out of this red color. I have been purging with resin, and I still see red, it's been three days."

Purging with resin increases the risk of degradation by oxidation (e.g. black spots) in addition to wasting valuable prime resin. Purging compounds aid with cleaning the extrusion equipment quickly and efficiently, making color changes a breeze and eliminating excess scrap. Call us for more information on our process friendly, general purpose, and specialty (e.g., polystyrene, polypropylene, and nylon) purging products.

“I need additives for my new compostable packaging product line. Does Colortech have a selection of color and additives to fit my needs?”

Biodegradable single-use plastics are designed as an end-of-life option with the plastic decomposing into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. Composting is a specific type of biodegradation that requires strict conditions within an industrial facility. Colortech produces compostable color and additives masterbatches using several types of degradable resins, including polylactic acid (PLA), polybutylene succinate (PBS), Polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT), and custom blends.

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Rachael Matthews, Ph.D.

Technical Service Representative