Navigating the 3 R’s: Reuse

Colortech supplies a variety of  additive masterbatches  for use in plastic packaging designed to improve the quality of post-consumer waste streams.

Compatible for a long term bond.

Multilayer packaging films contain a number of polymer layers with different chemical properties. The differences in the chemical nature of each layer in the structure, are challenging to recycle due to poor blending and mixing of incompatible components. For example, a film scrap structure consisting of PA/EVOH/PE will disperse heterogeneously into a polyolefin matrix when reprocessed, potentially leading to poor quality products. Compatibilizers aim to achieve a more homogenous blend for easier processing and good physical properties of recycled material. Adding a Compatibilizer additive will expand the ability to recycle multilayered plastics. 

 Sometimes a bandage is all you need. 

A scrape on the knee from a fall only takes a small bandage to prevent further injury and keep away bacteria that further infect the wound. Similarly, stabilizers can act as a bandage to sites of damage caused by oxidative and photo-oxidative damage in a polymer matrix. Though stabilizers cannot repair pre-existing damage, the job of a stabilizer such as antioxidant (AO), is to prevent plastics from breaking down any further. AOs protect the polymer from fragmenting in order to maintain physical properties. Adding AO to plastics designed to be recycled prevents premature degradation and improves recycling streams.  

For all of you recyclers out there, this one's for you!

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) mostly rely upon automated systems with near-infrared (NIR) optical sensors to identify the polymer types for sorting recycled materials. Unfortunately, carbon black absorbs in the NIR region; thus, no energy gets reflected to the sensor. Ultimately, the polymers colored with carbon black cannot be identified. As a result, the packaging material ends up in a landfill. NIR Black Concentrates allow black packaging waste to be recycled, thus supporting the circular economy.

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Rachael Matthews, Ph.D.

Technical Services Representative