Whites Additives Colors Blacks Additives Colortech brings you exceptional additive concentrates that increase the value of your end product. Whether […]


Whites Additives Colors Blacks Whites Colortech has a wide variety of white concentrates to meet the needs of the polymer […]

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Whites Additives Colors Blacks Colors Our name says it all. Colortech’s strength is color, and we’re committed to providing you […]


Whites Additives Colors Blacks Blacks Colortech black concentrates have been carefully formulated and manufactured to provide you with the ultimate […]


Colortech believes in delivering the highest-quality product at the best possible value. Our commitment to serving the needs of our […]


From superior products to sustainable practices and policies, Colortech offers customers a partnership they can trust. We’ve built our business […]


Colortech is a PPM company and a North American-based manufacturer of color and additive concentrates for the plastics industry. As […]