Colortech believes in delivering the highest-quality product at the best possible value. Our commitment to serving the needs of our customers has earned us a trusted reputation in the plastics industry, which is why our products are used in thousands of household and industrial items across the globe.


Our multi-functional whites are crafted to provide ideal dispersion quality and opacity performance.

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From antiblock to UV Inhibitors, our high-quality additives are specially created to deliver outstanding value for your end products.

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From subtle off-whites and earth tones to vibrant reds, brilliant blues and vivid yellows, Colortech offers a broad spectrum of cost-effective color concentrates.

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Colortech blacks are formulated for maximum consistency, processability and cost-effectiveness.

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Colortech participates in nearly every consumer and industrial market involving the use of plastics, from roof liners to shingle wrap, construction pails, milk jugs, butter containers, meat wraps, shampoo, household cleaner bottles and more. No matter where you shop—or even what aisle you’re standing on—chances are, you’re near a product Colortech has influenced.


Colortech offers custom formulated carrier resins that provide ideal rheological and physical performance for a variety of polymers, including LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PLA, PET, PBT, SAN, ABS, PA, PC to name a few.