Purges: Change over to simpler cleaning solutions

As the holidays approach, you may be thinking about shutting your equipment down. Whether you are disassembling your production lines, changing die heads, or worried about dealing with black specks or other contamination issues when you start back up, Colortech’s purge compounds can help alleviate your shutdown worries!

Color Changeover Purge

Colortech’s purging solutions target your needs for your color changeover process.

  • Instead of purging during a color changeover with resin, which adds costs and wastes time, try using Colortech’s color changeover purge. This concentrate will work quickly to clean, dislodging pigments and degraded material inside various pieces of your equipment on its way to make this changeover occur faster.
  • Use purging additive solutions to help your production team avoid disassembling lines to do thorough cleanings. While routine cleanings are always a good idea, purging solutions will increase the time needed between each disassembly, saving you time and hassle.

‘Tis the Season For Shutdown Stabilizers

For production teams that regularly shut down their lines over the weekend or during the upcoming winter holidays, you may see black/charred contamination upon start-up. These contaminants will need to be purged out with resin before production can begin again. To help prevent these charred contaminants in the first place, use Colortech’s shutdown stabilizer. All you must do is add this to your extruders and shut down according to your normal procedures. Then, upon start-up you will not see lumps of coal!

Contact a Colortech Sales Representative to get a quote on any of the purges you may need. Our technical services team would love to pair you with your cost and timesaving additive solutions, as well as give you detailed instructions for use.



Joseph Swann

Technical Services Representative