Colortech celebrates World Environment Day

Reimagine, Recreate, Restore.

For almost 50 years, June 5 has been designated as World Environment Day by the United Nations. Each year, a theme is announced that brings the world's most crucial environmental issues to the forefront of sustainability conversations. 2021 focuses on ecosystem restoration, emphasizing the importance to “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore.

One of our Guiding Principles at Colortech is serving as a steward to the environment and working as a team to develop processes and products that help everyone lives more sustainably. Join us as we celebrate World Environment Day and continue to identify ways to build on existing sustainable practices and be an advocate for Planet Earth.

What are the initiatives Colortech is taking to implement reduce, reuse, and recycle principles into manufacturing processes and products?

Landfill Diversion

Colortech is developing solutions to reuse material internally and sending approximately 92% of byproduct to recyclers.

Zero Net Waste

In alignment with the Plastic Industry Association's guidelines for Zero Net Waste, Colortech is continuously working to increase the level of recycling waste streams.

Energy Efficiency

Colortech strives for continuous improvement, including investing in capital projects to reduce energy consumption throughout all facilities. Installing LED lights with motion sensors, battery-powered forklifts, and incorporating high-efficiency motors, chillers, and air compressors have been some of the many ways our team commits to building sustainable practices.

Packaging Optimization

In recent years, Colortech has prioritized supplying more compact and lighter boxes to customers, reducing material per box by 14% for many high volume products, resulting in28.6 fewer truckloads of net freight per year.  Additionally, Colortech offers bulk freight options resulting in zero paper or wood based packaging and higher efficiency transit in when using bulk rail options.

Product Development

In addition to our standard color and additive concentrates, Colortech has developed a series of materials designed to help achieve a more sustainable footprint. Colortech works with customers and industry partners to keep the product life cycle in mind every step of the way, from preserving the physical properties of reprocessed polymers and identifying ways to minimize waste throughout various manufacturing processes.

Colortech takes the environment seriously and is eager to continue collaborating with customers, associates, strategic partners, and stakeholders to offer sustainable solutions that will make a positive, lasting impact on our ecosystem.


Erin Norris

Marketing Specialist